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How does the third-party payer scheme for travel passes work?

  • As an employer, you can pay a contribution to or completely cover the cost of your employees’ bus and tram travel passes. You can apply for, renew or cancel travel passes via the online Business portaal.
  • If one or more travel passes are about to expire, we will notify you.
  • Your employees don’t have to advance the cost themselves, have a less stressful travel experience and can travel any time and anywhere in Flanders with De Lijn buses and trams, both during the week and at the weekend.
  • There are no additional costs and no minimum purchase obligation.
  • You will receive a single invoice afterwards. You can recover the VAT (6%).
  • As an employer, you choose how much you contribute – between 72% and 100% – and for which employees.
  • Your employee will pay nothing (if you contribute 100%) or – if you contribute less than 100% – the remaining percentage.
  • As an employer, you choose the travel passes’ start date and period of validity (1, 3 or 12 months).
  • As an employer, you choose whether you also contribute to the administrative fee for producing and posting the MOBIB card, unless your employee already has a valid card. This MOBIB card is valid for 5 years and various tickets and passes can be stored on it. If your employee pays this administrative fee, we will send him or her a bank transfer form. After payment has been made, we will create the MOBIB card with the travel pass on it.
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